About Case Closed

Some people dream of travelling, some dream up inventions… at Cased Closed, we dream of both! We love travel and want to keep our stuff safe while doing it, but we hated that the only option for us was to wrap our cases up in plastic.

So, we forged a new path – we started Case Closed! With our small team of people passionate about the environment, we started our adventure and now Case Closed is here to give you stylish, unique and beautiful alternatives to plastic-wrapped suitcases.

Our suitcase covers help you protect the environment and stand out from the crowd – so you can hit the road faster! When you get there, you’ll know that all your goods are safe and sound, as our covers protect
against damage, theft and weather.

And if you’re not heading out on holiday, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered for that too. Contact our team to learn about our branded options for business travel.